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Regal Academy is a service birthed out of a need to support our children and students during this unprecedented and difficult time. Navigating educational opportunities during a pandemic can be stressful. As a parent, the comfort I feel with sending my children back to a brick and mortar school is minimal. I have opted to resign from my job to support them in distanced learning until I am cleared to homeschool them.


Everyone doesn’t have this experience.


People have to work and children have to get an education. What are your options? Regal Academy is here to help.

  • Distanced Learning Assistance: if you’re child is enrolled with a school district that has a virtual learning program, we can assist them with navigating their coursework and completing tasks.

  • Cyber School: if your child is enrolled in a Cyber Learning Curriculum, or wants to be and you need guidance and assistance, Regal Academy can also help with navigating, additional educational support, and enrollment.

  • Virtual Homeschooling: if your child needs a more personalized educational experience, homeschooling can be done virtually. We have the curricula and programming to help your child succeed. Get started with a homeschooling affidavit with your district.

  • One to one support: for learners with specialized needs , one to one support can be arranged virtually and in some cases in person. Contact for further details.


If you are having issues with gaining access to technology but fully desire a virtual learning experience, don’t let that hold you back! We are prepared to fundraiser and create financing options for qualified families.

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