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Self Care is Accessible

When people think of self-care, they usually think of salon trips and lavish vacations. Phrases like "I just need to get away" and "If only I had the money" begin to circulate and consume the idea of what self care is, or what it's supposed to be at least. As we journey through our days that suddenly seem to become weeks, self care gets sat on the back burner, until we're ready to revisit it.

For instance, It had been months since I soaked my feet. I kept telling myself, "I really need to soak my feet", "I really want to soak my feet", "I really should soak my feet." Each week, getting to it just seemed less and less of a possibility. It even became a chore in my mind: "I'm going to have to clean the foot bath, sanitize it. That's more work. Ugh, I'm out of lemon. I like lemon in my water. Guess I have to go to the store to get the lemon..." I literally was talking myself out of taking care of myself. I had somehow convinced myself it was out of reach because of the "work" I had to put in to get it, when in actuality, this was something within my power, completely attainable. Had nothing to do with time, or finances. Just as the old saying goes- People make time for the things they wish to make time for. My self care is accessible, and within my power.

One Sunday morning, I woke up and stated with intention, "Today, I'm going to soak my feet." Making that statement part of my morning routine, made the possibility more actual, more tangible. I did my yoga, did my chores, cleaned the foot bath, sliced the lemon and ahhhhh.... FINALLY. The usual obstacles and distractions were there, but I honored the intention I set when I first opened my eyes.

What you need to take care of yourself is right at your fingertips. With COVID-19 continuing to loom, I doubt I will be taking trips to the salon anytime soon, but that doesn't mean there aren't opportunities for me to indulge in self-care. A vacation may seem a little out of reach at the moment with restricted travel, but there's always a short drive to your favorite park, or literally stopping to smell the roses. So instead of phrases that start with "I wish I could...", let's amplify phrases that start with "Today, I AM going to (fill in the blank) FOR ME".

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