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8 Mantras to Carry During This Sun Cycle

I was going to write something more witty like “20 Lessons From the ‘20” or “21 Songs to Walk Into the New Year”, but this seems more fitting. My lessons from the previous year actually inspired mantras, these repeated, meditative words, that I wish to carry with me during this year and years to come. I thought, maybe you would like a theme, a word of encouragement, or some inspiration, too.

When you first read this, it seems harsh. “What do you mean, Phierce? Everyone needs a back up plan.“ Let’s tell the truth and shame the devil. You developing a “back up plan” is anxiety about your “Plan A”- your dream, your mission, your passion- failing. Don’t think, “What if I fail?”, think, “What if I win!” Put your energy into that Plan A. “Plan B“ is for once you've done everything you could do for Plan A to succeed, and it hasn’t. Be honest with yourself. Plan A may not come in the way you think it should, but that doesn’t mean it’s not going to. Don’t be a Plan B Thinker... Be a Plan A Executor!

This mantra is age old and simply speaks to manifestation. Manifestation is a practice of speaking and believing things into existance. “Speak those things that be naught [things that don’t currently exist, things that you don’t see] as though they were [as though they exist, as thought it’s happening in front of your eyes]”, simply means to talk that talk. Anything you dream, wish, pray, believe for yourself, say it with the belief that you can receive it, obtain it, live it! This is related to faith, but that’s probably a whole ’nother blog post.

Don’t cheat yourself into thinking that because you chose a nap over an email, a tv show over a Zoom session, or yoga over housework that you are “missing something” or you’re not “hustling”. Everyone’s hustle looks different and everyone deserves rest. To speak frankly, as a black woman, I feel we literally deny ourselves rest because we are the keepers of our homes and the creators of our community. There’s always something that needs to be done.

Sis, no one is going to beat you to the punch. God gave it to you to do, in God’s time. Two minutes to close your eyes to avoid burn out is not going to hurt you. Being kind to your body by not over working it is not going to set you back. Taking a break with Netflix is not taking away from your duties. Don’t overwhelm yourself. When you need time and space, take it. You’ve heard it before, but I’m gonna say it again: “you can’t pour from an empty glass”. 🙏🏽

This is a lesson that I’m doing better with recognizing in the moment. This may only be for a few of y’all, but just hear me out. To speak from a personal perspective, I’ve found myself battling with my very human emotions. To be transparent, I hate the vulnerability that it brings. Last year, I prided myself in “taking the high road” or “tapping into my higher self” when it came to interpersonal conflict, but learned that some of these moments were necessary when dealing with myself. And so, I would almost force myself to be this “higher” version of myself so I wouldn’t have to bear these human emotions that often leave me depleted.

Then I discovered that me fighting what I felt and forcing this ideology of how I’m supposed to act or think or feel is what exhausted me. Often times once I leaned into the emotion- allowed myself to feel in that moment- the hurt, or anger, or frustration would dissipate and clarity would come. The “higher me“ guided me through that process. “Tapping into your higher self” doesn’t mean denying your human self, it means allowing your spirit to guide you in this human experience. Ashé. 🙏🏽

2020 was the type of year that presented constant reminders that black women were unprotected, undervalued and disposable. From the killing of Breonna Taylor in her own home to the slaying of Dominique “Remmie” Fells and countless others who had succumb to systemic, domestic, and other forms of violence, I couldn’t help this feeling of helplessness for myself, my daughter, my queens. Its part of what inspired a change in career, to do non-profit work that benefits, supports, and uplifts black women. When we are taken care of, our families are well, our

communities grow, our quality of life changes. I’m making a conscious declaration to say

“I am protected.

I am valued.

I am indispensable.”

I was feeling helpless until I realized “they” want us to feel helpless. We are not by any means helpless. We are majestic. Good luck trying to get rid of me. 💪🏾

Can we just say.... WHEW! 2020... amIrite? 😂😭😩 With the closing of many offices and schools due to COVID-19, layoffs, and recreational closures, there was an underlying pressure to focus on yourself, work on your dreams, start a business!! We have all heard or said “Now is the time”, because if not now when? Everything that I said was in the way had been moved out the way, so if not now, when?

The truth is, people suffered this year. Folx didn’t have the capacity to think like an entrepreneur or a creator. All some people could do was breathe, or catch their breath- which is a blessing considering how many folx were lost. Don’t minimize others if they didn’t create. They did the best they could do, which was survive.

You survived. Lean into that.

Hold onto it. Breathe it in and out on repeat. You survived.

And if that ain’t no superhero shxt, I don’t know what is.

If you can’t get jiggy with this, you have some internal work to do. I’ve always had a “rejoice with them that do rejoice” spirit, and checked myself immediately if I felt otherwise. When something great happens for someone else, it takes nothing to share in their joy. Joy has been so crucial to me these days, when there’s so much around us that’s trying to snatch it away. Lean into joy, even if you didn’t birth it. It’s contagious, so you’ll get some anyway. Besides, the way the universe is set up, you receive the energy you give 🙏🏽

This quote by Harriet Tubman has been in my spirit all of 2020. From transitioning from the security of my job of 10 years, to navigating my children’s education, to creating businesses, I could not have made any of these decisions without consulting God. It’s a different type of discipline to be truly “God-led”. If you find yourself constantly questioning what to do next or stressing about your next move, ask instead for guidance. And leave it be. The “voice” of guidance comes crisp and clear in the form of your intuition. Be open to receive. Don’t be quick to dismiss it if it doesn’t sound like what you want it to sound like. Move when God says, and that’s it.


I want to encourage you to take hold to these mantras, think on what they mean to you and how they can help you through some confusing or difficult times. I hope this is a year of letting your heart lead, abundance beyond what you imagine, and peace that surpasses all understanding.



Thank you for reading! Let me know if you enjoyed this offering by commenting below (I respond always) or if you think someone else would find it helpful, please share 🙏🏽

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